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Student Loan Forgiveness

Your Education Should Never Own You

Student Loan Survivor is designed to take the stress and anxiety out of your student loan situation. If you are struggling to pay, there are options available that can give you a fresh start and, most importantly, get your life back on track. Let us help navigate you through the maze of government programs that you qualify for.

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Franklin County Small Business Grant for Minorities

Our Franklin County Small Business Grant for Minorities is designed to help entrepreneurs from an underrepresented background get their new business up and running. The ideal applicant will demonstrate the potential for job creation by following a comprehensive plan, provide a product or service that creates value for the community, and have a solid, achievable business plan.

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.This grant is available to women who own or plan to own a business in the United States. To support the entrepreneurial spirit of women and to lift up woman-owned small businesses, Amber Grants awards monthly grants to female entrepreneurs.

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Amber Grant for Women in Business

Brex Business Banking

Brex Business Banking is a flexible way for businesses to pay, get paid, and track financial activity. Getting setup is quick and easy. Build business credit as you spend.

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USA Grant Applications

USA Grant Applications provides detailed information on how to apply for federal grants, small business grants and other money options. USA Grant Applications is your one stop resource center for helping yourself and others to obtain funding. Our website provides you with access to all the resources you need in one convenient place, saving you valuable time.

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Life Insurance Income Protection

It can be used to leave behind a legacy to your family. It is a selfless act of leaving behind monies to properly bury yourself and take the load off your friends and family in the event you were to be called home. Not only does it act as a replacement income when you pass on it also acts as a living benefit. What that mean is that if you were giving an expiration date by your doctor you have the ability to take out a portion of those funds to help pay for medications, day to day life events and enjoy life while you can before passing on. The best part is you do not have to pay the money back.

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