Dean's Credit Revamp Ltd


Dean's Credit Revamp is an institution designed to educate and provide credit counsel to individuals looking to improve their credit scores. 

Our goal is to foster a better understanding of how credit can work in your favor and help you reach your life goals.​ We use the law to challenge inaccurate data reporting on your credit report to the bureaus and fight for them to be removed. 

Meet Demetra Dean

Founder & CEO

I created Dean's Credit Revamp to provide education and knowledge on the importance of credit and how it can benefit you. As a young adult navigating through life I did not know the importance of building credit but I knew the harm it could cause if it was mishandled. I suffered from high interest rates on installment loans, higher car insurance rates, and always paying a hefty deposit because my credit was bad. One day I looked into what was needed for me to repair my own credit and my score jumped so high that I was able to purchase a home. My friends and family were so impressed they wanted to know what I did. After advising them of what I did they followed the process to repair their credit and some were able to purchase their homes. I have always worked in Corporate America and worked my way up from a Fraud Risk Analyst to a Technical Business Analyst and loved what I was able to accomplish over the years, but my passion was in helping others in building their credit. When the opportunity presented itself I became certified and birthed Dean's Credit Revamp. This is my passion and I am with you every step of the way to help you reach your goals.