Dean's Credit Revamp Ltd


Dean's Credit Revamp

Dean's Credit Revamp is an institution designed to educate and provide credit counsel to individuals looking to improve their credit scores and their lives. Our goal is to foster a better understanding of how credit can work in your favor and help you reach your life goals.

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Revamp your credit to the next level

  • See fast improvements to your credit score 
  • Decrease rates on auto insurance
  • Lower interest rates on home and car loans


We provide the best credit repair service

  • We work around the clock
  • We provide a customized detailed financial plan to maximize your goals
  • Weekly e-mailed credit tips
  • Monthly coaching call


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Dean's Credit repair has been super helpful with helping me repair my credit. Demetra explained everything in great detail from what's the process to what to expect. I love that she sends updates and always checks in to see if I have any questions.

Rakia A.

Demetra and I were meant to cross paths. I work in direct sales and knocked on her door. We instantly had a connection with us both being family oriented. Little did she know, I was in the market for a credit repair specialist. Not only did we click on a business level but a personal level. She reaches out weekly with updates from her work. Within the first 30 days I was able to get 4 items removed from my report. I am excited to see what the next 90 days looks like for me!

Daniel R.

I was able to jump my credit score 100 points in a six month timeframe by following the customized plan for me. With my new credit score I was able to lower my APR on my credit cards. 

Neil D.